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Question: Здравствуйте Алексей Сергеевич, беременность 8 недель, с молодым человеком резус-конфликт, сдала кровь на антитела титр антител 1:128, хотела бы узнать можно ли рожать с таким титром? Врач говорит делать аборт, т.к ребенок может родиться инвалидом.

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Woman’s Health

До лечения и после лечения

A weak pelvic floor plays a part in many ailments:

How does a healthy pelvic floor help?

Most doctors agree that exercising the pelvic floor muscles is the best way to protect and treat yourself against these ailments. Whilst exercise may not provide a complete solution for all women it is certainly a good first step and one that you can maintain with very little effort or disturbance to your daily routine.

However, there may be other factors at work such as infection, inflammation, injury, abnormalities of internal pelvic organs, or emotional factors. It is important for women experiencing any of the symptoms described to check with their health care professional to determine the cause and proper treatment of the problem.

Exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor muscle and improve blood circulation to the pelvic area. Increased blood circulation, combined with strengthened muscles, work together to improve and regain vitality.

For incontinence, exercise helps by strengthening the muscles around to rectal opening and the urethra, preventing the loss of body waste.

During pregnancy they help to support the baby and mother throughout the pregnancy, birth and post partum.

The increased blood flow creates extra lubrication by causing secretions to seep through the walls of the vagina. This can help prevent discomfort during sexual activity. In addition, there are many nerve endings in the PC muscle. If it is firm, the pelvic floor muscle responds to stimulation by contracting (tightening). This increases pleasurable sensations.

Genital prolapse can be greatly helped as exercises help to improve all the muscles supporting the organs at risk.

The development of well-toned muscles has been shown to help 86% of women with symptoms due to weak pelvic floor muscles.

Every couple that has experienced the natural beauty of childbirth also knows the changes in the vaginal embrace after delivery. As ageing enters the picture, weakened muscles can affect the enjoyment and performance of both partners. Pelvic floor exercises can improve the vaginal embrace and restore youthful inner strength.

You have the option of choosing exercise to help relieve and even eliminate incontinence or improve the vaginal embrace instead of submitting to more complex surgical procedures. The following sections explain how you can practice the best forms of exercise.